Free Of:

Sugar, Carbs, Calories & Guilt

3 Amazing Flavors

Your Favorite Cocktails With 0 Sugar

Natural Ingredients

The ONLY Sugar-Free Bar Syrup On The Market!


We Wanted A Healthier & More Delicious Cocktail At Bars...

Laurie Leahy & Max Leahy created Free Syrups to enjoy all the flavors of a cocktail without all the sugar, carbs & calories.

  • Variety Of Flavors
  • Free Syrups Can Be Added to the patron’s preferred alcohol
  • Free Syrups enable the creation of a multitude of “Skinny Cocktails”
  • Comes with a pre-measured pump for the perfect pour every time

Your Questions,


What is the sweetener used?

All Free Syrups flavors use Monk Fruit as a sweetener.

Monk fruit is a small round fruit native to southern China.

Monk fruit ranges from 150 - 200 times sweeter than sugar, but unlike sugar, it is 0 calories and has no impact on blood sugar levels.

How much is in a serving?

Free Syrups comes with a pre-measured pump which guarantees the perfect serving every time.

One serving of Free syrups is a 1/2 Oz.

What flavors are currently available?

Currently, Free Syrups comes in 3 unique flavors:

Fresh Pineapple - A sweet refreshing pineapple flavor that tastes like a pineapple from a tropical island.

Moscow Mule - A combination of crisp ginger and tart lime creates the perfect combination for a light and refreshing Moscow Mule.

Raspberry Lime - The sweetness of fresh raspberries combined with tart lime can create a variety of unique and delicious cocktails.

How do I buy this for my bar/restaurant?

Currently (as of December 2022) we are in our beta launch phase.

We are currently offering tastings with any bar in the US.

We are looking to roll out full production in the next 4 months.

Click the button above to set up a free tasting today!

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